Advisors / Partners

FormCap’s advisors and partners include:

Norman Mackenzie
Norman has worked in the oil and gas industry throughout his working career. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Law from Cape Town University in South Africa and is a resident of Calgary, Alberta, the Canadian center of oil and gas. He is currently a consultant to several oil and gas companies in Canada, the USA and Colombia.

He began working in the industry in his high school and university years, when he worked in various positions in oil and construction businesses including as a statistician at Petro Consultants in Geneva, Switzerland from 1968 to 1969. After graduating from University, he began working with a family related oil and gas land acquisition company, Mackenzie Minerals, which merged with Sterling Minerals and was subsequently sold to Husky Energy.

He then became President of Sunningdale Oils Limited in Abu Dhabi in 1973 and worked in the UAE until 1977 when the parent company, a Canadian public TSX-listed company, was sold to Kerr McGee Corporation for over $100 million, having been founded in 1972 with $1 million in capital. Mr. Mackenzie’s role in Abu Dhabi was Corporate and Governmental Liaison for the corporation and involved public relations in the region.

In 1978, Norman co-founded Scarboro Resources Limited where he was CEO. Scarboro was a TSX-listed oil and gas exploration and development start-up that was successful in Western Canada and internationally. It was subsequently merged with Hillcrest Resources Limited in 1985 and later sold to Mark Resources Limited. From 1985 to 1992, Mr. Mackenzie was an independent consultant in the oil and gas industry in Western Canada and founded his wholly-owned petroleum investment company, Normac Investments Inc.

Then in 1992 Norman founded and became co-Chairman of Scimitar Hydrocarbons, a TSX-listed exploration and development company with holdings in Ajman, UAE, Mozambique, Pakistan and Egypt. He left Scimitar in 1997 to pursue other opportunities in Western Canada. In 2003, Scimitar was merged with Rally Energy Corp., which was sold in 2007 for over $900 million.

From 1997 to 2005 he was President and CEO of Raptor Capital Corporation, a public Canadian exploration and development company active in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. He was also a director of several oil and gas companies during this period, including: Canex Energy Ltd., Westlinks Resources Inc., True Star Petroleum Corporation and Pacific Asia China Energy Ltd., all TSX Venture listed companies.

In 2005, Norman co-founded C&C Energy Canada Ltd., which along with others, was instrumental in gaining C&C’s first Block in Colombia from the ANH. Thereafter, C&C acquired four other Blocks through farm-out and purchase. In December 2012, C&C’s producing properties (over 14,000 BOPD) in Colombia were sold to Pacific Rubiales for over $500 million plus shares of Platino Energy, the spin-off exploration company. He was Chairman of C&C Energy Canada Ltd. until May 2010 and a Director of C&C Energia Canada Ltd. until July 2012.